March 01, 2023
S-Booster 2023 Official Announcement(PDF)

December 15, 2022
Final Round was held. Winners have been selected.

November 8, 2022
Final Round website has been added.

August 22, 2022
Finalists’ introduction website has been added.

August 4, 2022
・Through the 2nd screenings of both of in Asia-Oceania region and in Japan region, the 12 finalist teams have been selected for the Final Round which will be held on December 15 in Tokyo.
 The Final Round will be broadcasted on Facebook LIVE. Don't miss it.
・Round 2 in Japan was held.

August 2, 2022
・Round 2 in Asia-Oceania region (Asia Round 2022) was held.
 That event was broadcasted in Facebook LIVE.

June 30, 2022
・Application has closed. Thank you for your applications.

June 21, 2022
・Deadline extension until June 30!! Apply Now!

June 8, 2022
Schedule is updated
・Application Information Video is opened

May 20, 2022
・Updated the contest schedule
・Add the Related Events

April 19, 2022
・S-Booster 2022 has started accepting business idea proposals today!


S-Booster is a space-based business idea contest for ventures, individuals, and businesses in different industries in Japan and the Asia-Oceania region that aim to commercialize their business ideas utilizing "space”(*1).

Excellent ideas will be supported for commercialization through mentoring by experts.
In addition, S-Booster will provide finalists with opportunities matching to investors and business companies, as well as support by awarding cash prizes for commercialization, when finalists present their business ideas at the Final Round.

(*1) Not only businesses in space such as rockets, satellites and commercial space stations, but also businesses on the ground utilizing space assets such as satellite data and technology are eligible.

S-Booster 2023 Application Period


2022 Final Round

S-Booster 2022 Prizes

S-Booster 2022 Schedule

* In principle, Asia/Oceania region entrants will participate online.
* Formats and schedules may be changed as necessary.

How to apply

Make sure to read the Application Guidelines for details about application.



Please refer to the Application
(update of schedule at June 21)

S-Booster 2022 Application Guidelines (PDF)

Download Word file of "Appendix: Application Information Review Form"

S-Booster 2022 applications are closed. Thank you for your great ideas.

If the representative has Japanese nationality, please apply HERE. *Japanese site

Themes proposed by Sponsors (In Japanese alphabetical order) (Click to see details)


S-Booster Executive Committee

Host Asia Region (S-Booster 2022)

S-Booster Mentors (In Japanese alphabetical order of surnames)

ja : Available for Japanese mentoring en : Available for English mentoring


FAQ (S-Booster 2022)

About S-Booster

It was held for the first time in 2017. 2023 will be the fifth time to chose the best business ideas.

S-Booster is hosted by the Cabinet Office of Japan, and is run by the Executive Committee.

The "S" in S-Booster stands for four things: it is part of S-NET's activities (*), and signifies the Startup of Space-based ideas and their future Success. In addition, "Booster" expresses our hope that this contest will function as a propulsion device to help "launch" ideas into orbit (markets).

* Space New Economy Creation Network (S-NET) activities were started by the Space Development Strategy Promotion Secretariat, Cabinet Office of Japan on March 22, 2016 to bring together companies, individuals, organizations, and others interested in creating new industries and services on the keyword of "space."

Please visit our YouTube account.

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Applying the contest

Both individuals and teams can apply, regardless of whether you are affiliated with a company, university, etc. We will ask your affiliation when you are proceeded to Round2, in order to identify conflicts of interest in screening. People not of legal age must apply as part of a team with adults. There are no restrictions on occupation; anyone can apply, including students. However, you should only apply if you are planning to commercialize the idea yourself.

Ideas that have already received funding from an institutional investor (Series A)* are not accepted .
(*Ideas funded by an angel investor are accepted.)
Please note that your idea is not eligible if you receive funding from an institutional investor after your application.

Please contact the secretariat by e-mail that you would like to cancel (correct) the application. If you want to reapply or make corrections, you need to complete the application by 17:00 on June 20th (Monday).

Yes you can.

The rights to submitted ideas belong to their applicants. Because ideas are presented to the public at the Final Round, please be aware of the schedule for intellectual property rights, etc.


If the representative has Japanese nationality, only "domestic" can be applied.
If the representative does not have Japanese nationality, please apply according to the language used.
Judging and selection





Information about the Final Round will be posted on the website.

Please consult the Secretariat.

Contact Us

S-Booster Executive Committee Secretariat

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