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S-Booster Objectives

S-Booster is looking for new business ideas to utilize space assets from those who aim for launching a new project in the company or starting his or her own business. Through mentoring by space business experts, the selected entrants will receive support such as how to commercialize an idea and to capitalize it. S-Booster finalists will be presenting their own business ideas directly to investors and business companies who are keen to support great space projects, where we believe organic matching happen to realize subsequent commercialization of the great ideas.

In its third year, S-Booster 2019 will expand the recruitment area to Asia - Oceania region and invite space and business ideas broadly.
Qualifying session will be held separately for those from Japan and from other Asian region, and those who are selected from each session will go into the Final Presentation held in Tokyo on November 25, 2019.

S-Booster 2019 Prizes

S-Booster 2019 Schedule

S-Booster 2019 How to Entry

Individuals or teams in Japan and the Asia-Oceania regions may enter the contest, regardless of whether they are affiliated with a company, university, etc.
(People not of legal age must enter as part of a team with adults).
* Entrants must intend to commercialize their idea.
* Ideas that have already received funding from an institutional investor are not accepted. (Ideas funded by an angel investor are accepted).

- Entries are accepted for new business ideas using space-related assets in Japan or the Asia-Oceania regions.
- These ideas can be already verified, or can be technologies to be created in the future, etc.

1) Business idea based on the themes proposed by sponsors
2) Business idea using Japanese space assets such as the QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)
3) Other Space-based business idea (general)

<Asia-Oceania regions>
1) Business idea based on the themes proposed by sponsors
2) Business idea using Japanese space assets such as the QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)
3) Space-based business idea, seeking collaboration with Japanese companies

Please refer to the guidelines below for entry details

S-Booster 2019 Entry Guidelines (PDF)

Download Word file of "Appendix: Entry Information Review Form"

Entry has closed.
Thank you for many applications.

Japanese space assets

QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System)

Satellite data platform "Tellus"

IoT x Space Platform for PoC

Communication Satellite Services and Typical Applications

Space Medicine

Space-graded COTS computer with auto recovery function

Space Assets of PASCO Corporation

Fujitsu technology for safe satellite operation and satellite's data utilization


ja : Available for Japanese mentoring en : Available for English mentoring

Partner, Global Brain Corporation
Hide Aoki

Tsutomu Iijima

President and CEO, SPACETIDE Foundation / Principal, A.T. Kearney
Masayasu Ishida

Kiichiro DeLuca

University of Tokyo Edge Capital (UTEC)
Keis Ide

Kengo Ito

Takashi Uehara

Kenichi Uchida

Director, Mobility, Plug and Play Japan
Shingo Ehara

Tetsuji Odan

Osamu Ogasawara

Harumi Kato

Director 01Booster, Inc
Takeru Kawashima

Hiromi Kurokawa

01Booster, Inc
George Goda

Mizuki Komasa

Naoto Sano

Kenji Sumi

Shinichiro Sera

Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC)

SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
New Business Promotion Division
Corporate Planning & Strategy Group

Spiral Inc.
Takeshi Hamachi

Norishige Hayakawa

Katsuya Hirokawa

Tatsuo Fukui

Ikkei Matsuda

Innovation Coordinator of AIST
Masato Miyake

Daisuke Mosaka

Akira Yanagihara

Tomonari Yamasaki

Kenji Yoshida

TX Entrepreneur Partners



Official Travel Supporters

Official Facility Supporter


Promotion Supporters

S-Booster 2019 is operated by the S-Booster 2019 Executive Committee, comprised of the Host, Co-host and sponsors.


About S-Booster

It was held for the first time in 2017, the second time in 2018, and the third time in 2019.

S-Booster is hosted by the Cabinet Office of Japan, and is run by Executive Committee composed of other organizations and sponsors, and the ministries concerned, including the Ministry of Internal Affairs, are cooperating.
Please see here for further information.

As part of the S-NET activity (*), S-Booster's "S" means four "S": Startup of Space-based idea and Success. In addition, we wish that an idea contest that is named "Booster" is work as a propulsion devise, and it can be injected to the orbit (market).

* S-NET (Space New Economy Creation Network): Space Development Strategy Promotion Secretariat, launched by Cabinet Office of Japan on March 22, 2016. It is an activity to build a place that companies, individuals and organizations or anyone gather to create new industries and services with "Space" assets.

Please see our YouTube . (Language is available only in Japanese)
About Entry

Only individuals or groups can entry. However, there is no problem if you and/or your team belong to a university, company, organization etc. Under-age applicants are required to entry with adults. There is no restriction on occupation including students. However, please be sure to apply only [if you are planning to commercialize by yourself].

Those business ideas before receiving any fund procurement from institutional investors can be submitted. (In case of receiving funds only from angel investors, you can submit your idea.)
Please note that if you receive funding from institutional investors after your application, your idea will not be subject to screening.

Please send e-mail to the Secretariat that you wish to cancel your application, and re-apply via online registration form.

You can apply maximum 10 ideas.

Applicants are entitled to the rights concerning the ideas you submitted.

The applicant has the right to decide commercialization of the idea. Cabinet Office of Japan, JAXA, NEDO, and sponsor companies will support the commercialization of the applied ideas.

The prize money is awarded as a supplementary prize to honor excellent proposals. When describing the necessary fund size for commercialization, please describe it as a business plan in the project proposal to be attached to the application guidelines. Even with proposals for which detailed financing planning has not been made, S-Booster will follow necessary proposals for the Final Presentation for proposals that have passed the Round 1 and 2.

We will give commercialization support for prize winners of the Final Presentation according to their wish and judging results.
About Judge

[Round 1 and 2]
Judges will be different for Japan and Asia / Oceania region.
(Japan) Round 1 and 2 will be judged by external experts and the Executive Committee.
(Asia / Oceania Region) Round 1 and 2 will be judged by experts from the Asian region and 2 Japanese judges.

[Final Presentation]
The Final Presentation will be judged by a special judge and JAXA and sponsor companies.
The Grand Prize and the Special Judges’ Prize will be decided by a special judges’ consultation. The Sponsor Prizes will be decided by the judges from each sponsor company. The JAXA Award will be decided by JAXA judge.

The number of finalists is planned to be published on the website by August. Please note that we cannot answer individual inquiries about the selection results or result reasons.

Sponsors agree with the purpose of S-Booster 2019 and are involved in the management for its success, so basically, all sponsors are seeking all business ideas regardless of business domain.

Attendance of the public at the Final Presentation site is now being discussed.
We will announce on the website once it is fixed.
Online live streaming is planned to be open to public.

Please consult the Secretariat.


S-Booster 2019 Executive Committee Secretariat
(c/o Japan Space Forum)

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